Technical reports and certificates

Technical reports and certificates

Accomplishment of Certificates of second occupancy (former certificates of habitability), Certificates of Antique and Certificate of Energy Efficiency with an innovative system by means of a specific Software with the possibility of realizing and registering the reports and certificates in less than 24h.

Turnkey architecture

Projects + construction + reception of new building

Projects + construction + receptionof housing exteriors

Projects + construction + reception of refurbishment

Projects + construction + reception of demolition

Engineering and landscaping projects

Control of the building process

Monitoring of a new building or refurbishment process

Monitoring of urban processes

Monitoring of new businesses openings

Monitoring of housings for sale

Legalization and diagnosis in the building

Extensions of new building

Final certificate

Judgements of the constructions pathologies

Building options and solutions

Advice to neighbors communities

Contradictory expert appraisals