Control of the building process

If you are to construct or constructing and want to have an exhaustive control of the processes of work and the materials of construction that are being applied in your work.


We offer you our service Monitoring

The monitoring process is the necessary supervision for the execution of the action plan established in the planning of the actions aimed to the achievement of a goal. It is the process by means of which, we assure ourselves that our process is directly and effectivelyadapted towards a final result, avoiding the possible diversions that could appear.

The monitoring can detect the possible interferences that could appear in the development of some actions and can lead to check the procedure before coming to a final result.

Monitoring of a new building or refurbishment process

Always focused to improve and make easy the achievement of your goals, SNprojects offer, by means of a clear and easy system, the following processes to you:cost control comparing prices of the market, management of the time according to our experience, optimization of the resources thanks toconsolidated teamsof work.

Monitoring of urban processes

For knowing more about the urban reality and, that way, being able to speed up the process.

Monitoring of new businesses openings

We speed up the procedures from the very first moment and compile all the documents within the first 24 hours so as not to make difficult the opening of your new business.

Monitoring of housings for sale

We make an exhaustive control of the housing conditions for speeding up the sale process.