Certificate of second occupancy

What is it?

When the housing is sold or transferred to the second or later owner, it is necessary to possess a license of the second or later occupancy. It is here where one could have been modified the initial state of the housing (reform of extension) without being authorized by the city Council and, in consequence, it is necessary to study every case to be able to know what situation we are to face.

In case of not requesting the License of Second Occupancy: The companies supplying the services of electricity, reparation, supply of water, telephone, etc., aren’t legally allowed to supply their services to the building.

On the other hand, in the new consolidated text of the Soil Protection Law it is established that properties will not be able to be notarizedor soldunless they possess license of first occupancy. It is a clear mechanism of protection to the consumer, aimed to preventthe selling or inhabitanceof housings that cannot obey the license or eventhose which could have to be demolished due to the mentioned default.


Article 33 Law 3/2004, of Arrangement and Promotion of the Quality in the Building of the Generalitat, in addition to Municipal Regulatory Ordinances of the Procedure for the grant of urban development and environmental licenses and related figures.


When to do it?

If your license of occupancy is not in force:

  • When taking place the second or later transmissions of the property. (buying and selling of the property)
  • In case you need to formalize a new contract of water, gas or electricity supply.

Ask us for assistance without compromise.


  1. Certificate of the competent and qualified technical collegiate architect informing that the building adjusts to the conditions that supposed the grant of the first or previous license of occupancy to which it is now  requested.
  2. Payment of municipal fees.
  3. Documentation of real state, depending the city Council.

SNprojects takes over all procedures.


In ten years’ time from obtaining the License, the renovation of the foresaid will be necessary.


Our procedure

36 hours’ time from receiving all the requested documentation to its registration.


Depending on the area, location and any other criteria you will be offered the best price in your zone, even including the registration procedures in your city Council.

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