Certificates of energy efficency

What is it?

It is a certificate that evaluates the current situation of the real estate regarding its CO2 emissions to the atmosphere, giving as proved censor a letter differing from “G” less efficient up “A” more efficient and establishing measures to reduce the emissions to the atmosphere.

When to do it?

When to do it: It is compulsory for all transmissions of real estate, such as selling or renting (housings, premises, public buildings) with the exception of some cases. The Certificate of Energy Efficiency is given in the sales contract.



  • Description of the energetic characteristics of the building, normal surrounding thermal conditions of functioning and occupation, facilities and other information used to obtain the energetic qualification of the building.
  • Identification of the regulation on the energy saving and efficiency being of application when building.

Energy Label

Registration in the belonging entity depending on the territory.


The promoter or owner of the building or the one on behalf of him/her, not only in cases of new construction but also on the existing buildings will be the person in charge of entrusting the accomplishment of the certification of energy efficiency of the building, or its parts, in the cases being forced by this royal decree. He or She will also be in charge of preserving the corresponding documentation and will have to present it to the competent organ of the Autonomous Community as for energetic certification of buildings, for the record of these certifications in the territorial area, to save a copy in the Book of the Building, in case of being this one of application, or to safely keep a copy on his own.


Time in force

The royal decree establishes that from June 1, 2013, when being constructed, sold or rented buildings or any units of them, the certificate of energy efficiency or a copy of this foresaid will have to be showed and given to the buyer or new potential lessee.


The competent organ of the Autonomous Community as for energetic certification of buildings will establish and apply a system of control independent from the certificates of energy efficiency. This one will be able to apply sanctions in case of breach of the approved law.

Expiry date

The certificate of energy efficiency has a maximum validity of ten years, establishing the competent organ of the Autonomous Community as for energetic certification the specific conditions to proceed to its renovation or updating, being any of them a direct responsibility of the owner.

Our procedure

36 hours’ time from receiving all the requested documentation to its registration.


Depending on the area, location and any other criteria you will be offered the best price in your zone, even including the registration procedures in your city Council.

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