Legalization and diagnosis in the building

SNprojects supervises and adapts the legal documents of the real estatesin accordance to the current urban development laws, as well as we make technical reports in the building to solve pathologies, constructive mistakes, faults and environmental deteriorations in order to improve the utilization and enjoyment of its living area.

Extensios on new buildings

We request licenses for legalizing already finished building processes.

Final certificate

We manage the final process for legalizing the building.

Judgements of the constructions pathologies

We diagnose and give solutions to:

Damages and faults in the building

Constructives vices and their origin (of project, of construction, of maintenance, of others)

Pathological symptoms: damages or faults

Their reasons and consequences

Their type: fissures, cracks, dampness

Building options and solutions

Aimed at improving your project, SNprojects gives you building solutions thanks to our experience as site managers in processes such as:

Avoiding losses of energy and CO2 emissions

Redesign of constructive elements in plots

Acoustic isolations

Advice to neighbors communities

We give solutions to constructive elements that have been damaged because of the use of common zones in buildings and residential areas.

Contradictory expert appraisals

The expert contradictory appraisal is a right that the contributor can exercise when being in disagreement with the value verified by the Administration of the goods and rights that are transmitted. The request or reserve to promote the expert contradictory appraisal will determine the suspension of the revenue of the payable tax without need to contribute some guarantee, exclusively when checking value has existed on the part of the Administration.